Zz'Gashi the Dunerunner is a beast  who has ascended to ranks of power among dudes of the sphere, though calling it a beast to its face is a quick ticket to evisceration, due to the fact that--despite being in every way a member of the fauna breed of Skaldron--Zz'Gashi has full command of mortal intellect and speech.

Zz'Gashi is the head operative and chief hound of The Dunerunners, a hand-picked merchant core put together to accomplish any contract their master bestows to them, be it protecting a convoy as an escort or laying siege to an outpost. For those seeking to employee the Dunerunners, coin and wealth in the form of rare minerals and artifacts control loyalty. One must be careful in tracking down Dunerunners to make a contract; it is known Zz'Gashi possesses no sense of loyalty and regards each contract as a job t be completed--meaning if a higher bidder comes along, Zz'Gashi will fulfill a contract to protect a caravan to a checkpoint only to then ruthlessly destroy it if the following contract from another employer requires it.

Any who know of the Dunerunner's legend know not to inquire as to its origins and how he (assumed "he", also unconfirmed) came to be such a powerful creature. The idea of rogue birth has been ruled out, as has a fast-sped evolution of skaldrons. No records of such ability in science to splice mortal intellect to a beast's unaltered body exists. In fact, anything short of super natural causes could not explain Zz'Gashi's abilities. So, that's what most dudes will go on assuming.

Zz'Gashi thinks himself a mortal more than beast, and dealing with the Dunerunner requires a great deal of tact, less one seek to make a very powerful enemy. There have been instances of Zz'Gashi lashing out against an uncouth audience and shredding them on the spot, as well as more the more cunning bearing of slights and insults only to have him outmind an entire operation of mining or transport, destroying the business and the life of who crossed him. With a record like this, Zz'Gashi retains a position of notable power and wealth over multiple tectonics.

There is no gathered set of goals for Zz'Gashi and his militia like operation. It is not known what Zz'Gashi is after or why he seeks to control power in the wastes. Words on the wind have it only that he is preparing for something. Something big.

NOTE: Zz'Gashi's speech, while far beyond anything a beast should be capable of, is not without its flaws. Grammar mistakes are commonly heard, but to point them out is to lose a limb. It is also observed the Zz'Gashi speaks without ever using contractions, possibly to avoid mistakes in language conjugation that would make him appear less intelligent.