Not again!

In true form to his assumed name, Whirlifuck the Frog Slinger does exactly that, mainly the spinning and the slinging of perturbed amphibians. This makes him an unassuming foe to those who stand across from him, often a frog to the face gets a reaction of laughter or anger, but never fear. Little do they know Whirlifuck has a mutated immunity to poisonous toxins found on the frogs, where as most dudes don't and a direct hit that causes and amount of venom to enter an orifice will usually leave the victim dead within a cycle of the moon.

It is yet to be understood how the Frog Slinger owns and keeps so many live frogs on his person. It is known he will collect still living frogs after a skirmish, and occasionally launches a dead one. Aside from a faint croaking, looking at the man would not reveal him as the reviled slinger of frogs.

Whirlifuck speaks little of the common tongue, but hears well enough to understand, though his aloof and unpredictable nature makes going along with the order uncertain. Deft and dexterous, were he to have been in more possession of his senses he may have come to be a handy hogsmen thanks to his specific skill set of whirling, throwing, and being immune to naturally occurring poison. Now he just loiters with different bandits and maintains a reputation as a dangerous, homeless weirdo with frogs. Of an uncommon age, he's said to be getting on in the cycles. Still spins like a dude in a dance contest, but with way more froggy biproducts.

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