A basic troop unit of a larger organization, with many ranks and position of structures both common and uniquely created, the most essential and disposable measurement by dude-volume is the lowly bandit. Usually the starter title given to new recruits before they attain a real place among a kennel, which gives them the elevated status of brigand, e'eryone's got to start out on the front lines as a gods-be-damned bandit.

Because they normally lack notoriety and have no firm station in the world, most are pretty silly-nilly with their way of life, as living is pain, and death is release--to hopefully reseal and come back finding themselves in a better station of opportunity.

Bandits of Notable RankEdit

For a list of bandits that stood out long enough to not die, see Some Bandits of Some Note

Currently, there is only one major role held by one who would still be called a bandit, the Bandit King, a rotating position of a lead bandit who has advanced through no rank, but commands solely on prowess of strength and ability. Though bearing the lowest charge, the title of 'bandit' being in the name, it is a testament to the Bandit King's power that without allegiance he holds a lofty position, though for how long then becomes the real question.

NOTE: Recently, a bandit named Steve, now being called Bandit Steve, has proclaimed himself to be unkillable, and has joined the ranks of the Unkillables. So far, as it turns out, no one has been able to kill him. This makes him possibly the strongest bandit currently active on the Ava.

Bandit SongsEdit

With nowhere to turn for pleasure and a smile while being kicked around as a new recruit, always aware of the high mortality rate you face, many turn to songs, some universal others kennel specific, to ease the pain and stave off the knowledge of a demise possibly looming over every horizon. A lot of these bizarre little diddies tend to be quite catchy, making them easy to remember, and nowadays even many non-bandits have found joy in gathering to blurt and bleat out the songs, for their happiness at the creative price of the bandit's misery. Such is life among the wastes.

Well-Known Works: Many claim to be the author or inspiration behind these pieces, but this is no doubt only boasting to stave off the weight of self-loathing. As such, the ballads are considered widely anonymous.

A Note on PossessionEdit

Because of the yet-to-be fully understood system of reseal, a kind of reincarnation that leaves bits and pieces of the previous life embedded in subconscious memory, the possessions of a bandit, often called loot, are important, as well-loved items in the bandit's arsenal might be clues to their past should they find them in a subsequent life. Also, going through many conflicts and surviving means collecting a lot of loot from others, and is a sign of power. This is why the dying wish of many bandits is "Don't... take all... my stuff!"

Yeah, it's going to get taken for sure though.

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