The Two Moons in their natural habitat--space--over an irradiated lake.

The skyward phenomenon easily seen from any corner of the Ava, having Two Moons has proved nothing but befuddling to residents of the Avantsphere, some of the most intelligent of which are still trying to uncover and predict the trajectory of moons that seem directly linked to seasons, weather patterns, and the hormonal aggression of dingle dogs.

Shooting the MoonEdit


I don't know how or why this happened, but it had nothing to do with that shike Moohamed guy.

It is the commonly held though yet unprovable belief that the moons used to be one but have rounded out from their previous halves back into somewhat spherical objects, hence the impossibility of predicting their movement patterns.

The idea of "shooting the moon" is used in common colloquial conversation to illustrate an event of unlikely origin that could still be possible, though remains unknown/unseen, or the phrase can be to illustrate the extremely unlikely chance of an event occurring.

If this is truly what happened, it is probably linked in relation to the Great Whump.


Bandit A: "Hey, can I take your jettercycle out for a spin?"

Bandit B: "Yeah, sure, just let me shoot the moon here first."

Bandit A: "Ass."

The Big SplatEdit


"Who named it that? How uncreative." "Prolly your Mom, laughing out loud."

Assessing and determining the future trajectory of the two moons hasn't been achieved, though there are some models offered by smart dudes to guess as the repercussions if the two should ever gravitate toward one another and meet, in a yet to be realized event known as The Big Splat, where there collision would most likely exterminate all terrestrial life in The Biggest Dark.


Repercussions include: Everything dying.



Not much is known of timing if and when The Big Splat should come to pass, but until then we can all enjoy gazing into the darkened sky admiring their terrifying beauty.


Sure is beautiful. Until they smack those cheeks together and extinguish all life.

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