Though some still deny the reality of living as a twibber, excusing it as a compounding result from heavy neural toxins paired with too many days under the bright moon, their recall of detailed stories in the fantasy of worlds before evokes an eerie feeling that their could be substance hidden somewhere in their raving claims.



These little things are responsible for more trips than the entire industry of transportation.

Discovered mostly along the far northern tectonics in Rul Gal to the near north plate of Boleander just above the Green Belt, twibbers are easily distinguished by their bloated, puffy blue cheeks and neurotic disposition. Claiming to hail from another time, the profess stories of past lives in which they can possess striking detailed memories.

This claim of recalling a previous existence is widely disputed as the result of the constant consumption of small blue flowers, called mud blossoms (found often in cold, loamy pits of soil), that ope tiny buds when under direct moonlight from one of the two chunks of moon. Consuming the petals and stems of this plant is known to have strong chemical effects on the hippocampus, an area of the brain responsible for spatial memory and navigation. Doubters of the twibbers claim point to the altering psychological effects as the reason for the belief of seeing into a past life.

Despite the hallucinogenic effects induced from the mud blossoms, many can maintain an active mental state, allowing them to interact in normal ways with most other dudes. Even when in a status of clarity, it is not uncommon to hear them talking to themselves, or--presumably--their past selves who they treat like a best friend.

Most all twibbers, for this reason, have documented schizophrenia and admit to imbibing the pertty blue flowers in order to not forget the memories of past lives they lived.

On Past LivesEdit

Twibbers claim that their consumption of mud blossoms is not what creates the memory, but instead eating the flowers is what allows them to retain their past memories. To cease ingesting the plant generates a powerful feeling of loss, where in a twibber will suffer an identity crisis.

Some twibbers who are convinced to put the thoughts of past lives behind them make a full recovery, their cheeks and semi-swollen body parts returning to normal and losing all but a faint blue hue. Others who's minds have been to altered by their "previous life" can find no solace and quickly return north to find more of the blossoms to consume, or go mad from the pain of their own brain splitting them into two lives of the same body.


Twibbers are largely considered to be a normal strain of dudes, the common mere mortals most present on the Avantsphere, and it is the twibbers themselves who most openly revoke this idea, claiming vehemently to be something different from an average state of existence, owed to their belief in being reincarnated from a previous life. Some think the willful mutation of the body from eating blue mud blossoms is a tactic to make themselves stand out and be regarded as different.

Controlling BehaviorEdit

Pending on the past life claimed to have been experienced by a twibber, their current lives can be greatly affected. They take their belief in previous experiences as guidance for their current path. Thus, if they remember themselves being motherly in houses all of ice (a preposterous idea with how hard even a small portion of ice is to create) they will nonetheless pursue having/attaining children and filling their head with stories of the "Old World". If they believe themselves to be guards or warriors, they will begin martial training. Dissenters think this "guidance" is only a result of spasms attacking the core of memory in the brain, producing false narratives that are easier to follow than choosing your own decisions.

Most twibbers don't leave the north for fear of running out of areas to gather wild mud blossoms. Though some can be weaned off of the powerful effects of the flower, it can come with harsh withdrawal effects such as depression, fatigue, suicidal tendencies, and fits of rage. It is a hard choice for twibbers to reconcile giving up their imagined past in favor of a more present reality and some will never adjust, instead longing for what they believe came before.

A twibber deprived of the blossoms may experience a psychological break that will cause them to become reverts and return to the sprawl.


Most twibbers who see 600 cycles become distant and withdrawn, preferring solace in caves and abandoned structures, emerging only to gather mud blossoms. At the point of reaching a venerable elderly state, twibbers can live for many cycles of the moons while eating only mud blossoms alone. Many cease speech, and wait for life to end, preferring to do so under the sky in the cold.


Twibbers are unreliable stock for any job or mission. Even those that hone themselves as warriors and have greater control over the psychological breaks and dispositions prefer staying in a familiar area over travel. Their obvious physical appearance also makes them targets for scorn and ridicule that further push the notion of staying put. Having a twibber in your group will be temporary at best unless they can be convinced to forgo the memory of their past lives and move on in a more current reality.