Some beasts, and very rarely the occasional mortal dude, are elevated to the level of legend of commonly known beings that cannot be killed. There is no official list, though a number of scribes keep notarized records.

To join the ranks of The Unkillables, one must be simply that--despite multiple attempts, unable to be killed, promoting the belief that there is simply not death before the time of some living creatures.

And being of life may qualify to the list, be it beast or dude, so long as their is a lifeforce within them. This disqualifies things like mechanical constructs or never-ending moon watches, as they have no 'life' to lose.

One gets note as unkillable most likely for their unsurpassed strength, enormous size, or strange ability that makes any attempts to end their existence prematurely quickly result in failure.

There have been instances where formerly named Unkillables have fallen. So be it, you can't call 'em all.

List of UnkillablesEdit

Here is a brief list of known Unkillables:

Unkillables that were actually KilledEdit