"This is it, all bets and alliances shift like the breeze and there's nothing more to put faith in then your ship and your crew, hoping you have a nation to come home to. There will be no winners of this war. Only those who lost less." - General Bancraft in his final address to his crew, before his ship went down twenty clicks later

Technology resurfacing in the form of relics from the old sphere has become a boon in assisting whoever finds it, whatever their intentions may have been, and the larger the find the greater the power which would take control of it and would then use it to some extent to gain capital and wealth, to the pleasure of some and the chagrin of others.

The Last Great Air War will stand out in the history of recorded time for scribes everywhere as the first, last, and greatest instance on colliding power on all sides. The Avantsphere has known relative peace since then, with every side the could be taken being battered so badly they couldn't be told apart.

Fighting, battles, and even war and death are still facets of life in Ava, but no one aspires towards the scale this episode of history took

It is known in the hearts of those few still on the surface who lived through it, and felt in the vibrations of stories still told about the outstanding scale of combat and destruction. It turned the loyalties of all dudes inward, because they know: "When they fight, we lose."

The New WorldEdit

After the settling of sprawl, most loosely named civilizations took pride in their ability to care for their own and steal from others. A powerful organization was a kennel of bandits capable of fending off bigger companies while still being able to exact wealth and resources from smaller units without much loss on their own wide. A reputable band of settlers held their ground by building strong defenses to keep people safe and threaten outsiders from attacking. Wanders found success or death in being needed or cunning, and the brutal beasts of tribal remenants squatted efficiently so long as their violence was peerless. For many cycles of the moons, this continued.

History recounted tales of big battles and helpless struggles and countless victories back and forth, where larger operations grew into organizes towns and city-states, and the small nomadics found niches to survive or died trying. No one would say the waste was settled, but the patterns of life appeared decided. It would continue to appear that way for many moon cycles to follow. Beneath the surface of the Avantsphere, however, the gears of war were turning.

Relics of the PastEdit

The light beat down on the back hull of the behemoth metal structure affectionately called "Fat Ass" by the kennel of bandits who made that butt their home under the beating sun far out in the waste on the tectonic of Kan-Romropt. The group, self-christened the Dingle Dopes preferred a base far from the nearest settlements, relying on jetterbikes to set up raids at random and scout caravans for plunder. What they didn't know was the metal carcass they called home was still very much living, lodged in the dunes, and was a Fleetair Carrier Class Warship. Like an iceberg in the sand, no one made much when large chunks of metal turned up in the waste, though this one would eventually turn the tide of modern history.

When the Brawn Company moved in on intel from sources assumed to have originated from log schematics found in an operating silo on the tectonic of Pu, the well-feared Dingle Dogs snapped like dead twigs in the iron fist of a much more seasoned fighting unit more atune with battle than with pillaging. They shut the area down and received no complaints from local authority from doing do, as the Dingle Dogs had been a needle in the neck of K-Rom residents for sometime. Over the next many moons, heavy exscavation gear was brought in and camps of laborscum were migrated to the area. Fliers from outlying cities could tell from watching the supply line it was a dig, though no one quite new what for.

It wouldn't be known until quite a while after that Brawn Company was working in the private interests of Orim Bellok who had plans to bring the Fleetar Carrier back into service, and bring the southern tectonics to their knees.

Lead Into WarEdit

The war was because a bunch of places started looking and finding these old warships.

Before the StormEdit

A bunch of alliances between new-formed nations cropped up. [The Lumini Family was involved.]

Overview of Initial ConflictEdit

There's no such thing as a war without its betrayals, they come as sure as casualties with neither side hoping to see much of one or the other.


"The sky was scarred... and I didn't think it would ever heal." -Leum Reeves, Marx-Kroft Alliance, 3rd Battalion

The Ground BattlesEdit

With the falling debris and shot shells, the junk from the sky was destroying cities on the ground, fighting over resources and betrayals of people's own governments on the ground gave way to the second war, the ground war, caused by the disconnect with the sky war, leading to big time chaos.

War's EndEdit

The result was a lot of people died and the very idea of nations was broken.


Some of the crashed hulls still remain scattered across the waste as reminders of the recent past and oxidation's harshness.