"I don't want to want to know what's in that thing, but I have a feeling whoever made it had some wild ideas about staying alive. Staying alive." -a traveling mud salesman

This is a relic from a long ago, forgotten time, that many believe is best to just stay forgotten.

Sticking up at an angle straight out of the Black Blerch, a marsh of foul odors and unappetizing small fish, The Disco stands mired in the muck, unmovable and with no known entrance.

Its presence on the sphere is a mystery. And for now, that's where the mystery stops. No lights, no sound, no signs of life, The Disco is a block of metal-stone whose origins remain unknown. The composition of its outer hull is unlike any of the air ships left from the old world, and it has no apparent weaponry making its use in war unlikely, but the shell of the craft proves impenetrable and impervious even to scratch.

Beyond this, little is known, and for the most part The Disco is just left alone.