The Buzz is a group of raiders who also function as a contract protectorate, operating by the terms of which ever proves more rewarding.

Members consist of the lithe and athletic who rely on constant movement and high speed running endurance, working in large numbers of a single group, who swarm like a hive of bees to either sew disorder and chaos into a raid or to prevent other groups from doing the same.

Their coordination of movements and tireless energy make them stand out among the Brigand Brigades groups, most of whom rely more on numbers and physical prowess.

They are all very good at sports, and some go on to become famous athletes on the Ava, which is considered an acceptable reason to leave the kennel.

Their leader is called Nock, who is said to be indefatigable, and inspires great loyalty from his crew as he attends every mission the company is assigned as acting chief.