The Big Scientists are a notable brigand in the Avantsphere not for their size and power, but for their deeds and demeanor. Even common jobs in the hand of this group become something of a campside entertainment, whether it's configuring bizarre and often logically flawed combat schematics to fight against often impossible odds or more minor acts such as filling and entire lazy susan with cinnamon santas, T.B.S gets the job done.

The Big Scientists were founded by Arthur Ridcully the stoic paladin, Maynard Waiseygoose the hell-or-highwater man, and Dan Sunder the crude-cut sharpshooter.

The organization has a number of smaller kennels within it, particularly noteworthy is the core three members elite kennel, The Flying All-Star Trio or 'F.A.S.T.' consisting of its founding members, and the larger inner circle of capable doers of the things, the Roll Dogs.

The group has been defunct for some time as a hiatus following varying pursuits brought them to different corners of the broken world, slowly aiding in its reconstruction.

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