Thallos was the legendary renegade falchion falconer who, with his falchion named O'steel, formed the most fearsome duo of blademaster and swordbird known as Thallo'steel.


There have been a notable number of falconers in time, but the only one to become a legend was Thallos and his bird of prey O'Steel. A man-made-falconer early on, he happened across a newborn falchion--a very uncommon event, as it would have to mean both parents were incapacitated or deceased, in which case a neighboring nesting pair would hear the young hawk's cry and come to bring it to their own nest to raise. Legend goes Thallos heard it first, and the plaintive cries ceased as soon as he cupped it in his hands. Thallos from then on dedicated his life to raising the bird back from the brink of sickness having found it in a sorry state. The bird grew and imprinted on Thallos who felt a bond of fate to the bird.

However, the bird grew and grew strong. One day, when wrestling with his brother, who's name is lost, the hawk took action in defense, supposing its master's life to be threatened. A razor slice mortally wounded his young sibling, and he fled with the bird before his father could kill either he got his hands on. To get by, he used the power of his falconry training with the falchion to steal, kill, and impress.

From then he fell in with the occasional bandit brigade with the allure of having a falchion falconer in their ranks. Time after time this would end poorly as a reckless Thallos in attempt to show off would leave his bird uncaged, and as the animal became more fiery with age the number of incidents involving deep cuts and missing fingers increased. In ferocious defense he would strike before struck and dash out into the wastes. It became evident that no group could control either Thallos or O'Steel. Knowing this to be true, and feeling his own strength and ferocity to be enough, he styled himself as Thallo'steel and became a wasteland legend as an undefeated foe.


By collecting blades and bits of metal and working with his hawk to bend the refuse into shapable blades, Thallos created his own armored suit stylized after his lifelong companion. From that time on, no one could say what Thallos really grew to look like, though it is known he had a heavy lisp.

As for every skilled fighter who can't maintain connections to a group, receiving assassination missions became the most logical step, as many other wasteland legends have come to find. As the moon cycled on, he began refusing requests. From then, he would strike without warning to help or to raid as he sought right to do. Those who heard the stories wondered after his reasoning, if the bad was from habit or if the good was attempts to atone. A conflicted individual, all that was known of Thallos was seeing him could be a great blessing or the last thing you'd see before returning to Ava's crust.

From that point, the legend breaks in continuity. Some say his scissor hawk finally went beserk beyond control, and killed him to become the infamous Bloodhawk, with crimson plumage covered in his master's lifeblood. Others will say that Tallos was killed finally, but the bird lives on to avenge his master as the Metal Reaver. Then there are groups of bandits who claim to have defeated Thallo'steel and hold blades of falchions as their proof, though confirming which scissor hawk the feathers came from is not possible.

One thing can be sure, the legend of Thallo'steel has led to many fortune seekers losing their heads in attempt to raid a falchion's nests, though there are a few who somehow succeed and seek to follow in Thallos's footsteps.