The massive plates of stone and ground left behind, broken and battered, are known as tectonics. Some are small, forming shaky bottoms to deep caverns, others are large enough that who city-states and sprawling communities occupy them. Pending on location and they manner they were fractured, tectonics may still move, especially when power earthquakes from Ava's core occur.

As a whole, the plates to the north of the Green Belt equator are larger and more geographically featured. Tectonics to the south tend to be smaller and flatter, but with more natural resources.

Alliances have passed between uniting forces across the tectonics previously, but not since The Last Great Air War have they been anything but trade treaties or mild threats. "To each their own" and "Tend to the flock" tend to be the governing mentalities of those who rise to power. Attempts in recent history to cross ravines and extend pushes of power have been met with resource shortages from the tendency to build near the center and quick rebuffing by compound militias privy to such movements from allied fliers. No large-scale invasion has been met with success, and so each tectonic has evolved rapidly yet independently for now.

Some tectonics are so large that, in time, they earn names and become their own regions, with the surrounding broken lands serving as borders. While there is no official order in place, power is there for those who can take it by their means, be they altruistic or baneful to the people there--for being governed is equally a choice.


Drawn roughly by a scribe on the road.

The well-known tectonic regions are:

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