Herein all the names and qualifications some bandits, brigands, and highwayman possess that make them more notable than your average cannon fodder. Some are trained skills, others peculiar quirks, and others still the result of mutagens moving through dudes faster than the general populous.

More powerful wayfarers dot the landscape, but many have made it into higher positions in kennels and brigand companies (the only one large enough and still connected currently being the Brigand Brigades, or sitting chief of their own clans as warlords, or even become special agents registered to no affiliation like No. 13 and many reputed hogsmen.

The ListEdit

  • Mad Hal, winner of a dozen backyard knife fights, actually quite relaxed
  • Rojo Underbite, his self-made jaw of metal installed by self-surgery is not his primary weapon and helps him eat the Brazil nuts of holiday collections we mere dudes could never open
  • Mortimer Packing, bandit who lives inside a trenchcoat, innumerable pockets hide many useful things and many not useful things, one of the things he is packing is said to be 'heat'
  • Helping Hand, famous thief known for never selling his stolen scores
  • Whirlifuck the Frog Slinger, no one knows where he gets them, but dude can he throw them
  • Red Runner, a courier paid a high price to carry messages at alarming speed, or a higher price to convey the wrong message
  • Fendricks the First-Third, a bandit who is and claims to be his own grandpa
  • Beetle Boy, has an uncanny relationship with arthropods, they do him no harm and can be given basic orders if trained, also said to compose his entire diet
  • Rheumy Henry, they say he tears cure cancer, but he never cries, known merciless ender of dudes, said to be a first gen sprawl convert
  • Thagomizer, chief of the kennel Lip Splitters under the Brigand Brigades, known for strong wielding of a massive daggered mace.
  • Jo Jimbo, known mostly for his size, twice the girth of the average man and one-and-a-half times as tall, yet also for his smile, as he has no teeth
  • Midge-Midge, pint-sized bandit known for ferocity and his ability to get in anywhere, crawls like he was born on all fours and is rumored to be half-skenik
  • Ruddy Pink Ears, a simpleton, but one of unrivaled strength, said to be too stupid to know the limits of his own body, yet also appears to have tissue regeneration much faster that that of the average, making him a living weapon if a method control is established, just a monstorous dude
  • Mr. Dude, always walking the fine line of death due to a frail form, Mr. Dude is successful because of his spider web of negotiations and favors, he's tied to many who owe him for something, and always has a few arms of disposable muscle as his body guards, though he is rarely seen, moves his base of operations often, and keeps himself shrouded as possible
  • Makkob Bob, hogsmen known for the brutality of his kills, refuses contracts with the "alive" part being important
  • The Stomach, bandit who can eat anything, or anybody, without much tummy trouble
  • Baby Edd, large-framed bandit with the face of a newborn child, quite literally he looks like a baby, and rips the ears off tose who point it out
  • Nock, chief and captain of the kennel The Buzz under the Brigand Brigades, tireless runner who can continue at high speeds without stopping for liquid
  • Sand Snake, and bandit who can stand being submersed under hot sands longer than others, speaks many tongues
  • Krommerlax the Smash, bandit who's preferred weapon is a hammer made of some stone incredibly light for its size though still very hard and smash-y
  • Mantis, a bandit who fights with four blades, most likely self-trained but claims to be from "A far away land"
  • Crypt, who has green skin the sloughs off but doesn't seem to be quite dead, quiet & calculating, one the premier tide changers because of an uncanny ability of foresight
  • Crux, master in the art of causing poisoned wounds or cuts that don't stop bleeding
  • The Nightfowler Kin, group of siblings equal born with the ability to see in the dark but not in the light, reflexes beyond human, with rumors of a possibly skenik ancestors
  • Flying Mel, bandit with mechanical adaptations functioning in his legs that haven't killed him but give him the ability to bound great distances
  • Limespit, a loon of a bandit, rumored to be a revert whose saliva is acidic and toxic
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