There they are, the skeniks, in all their sex-with-animals glory.

A rowdy crowd of beastly dudes, the skeniks have bred themselves into the wasteland in a variety of ways, some of then as unsavory as a common dude may imagine. One cannot fie at their ability to live and reproduce in a manner that guarantees them a continued place among breeds in the Avantspere.

Genetic Development of the BreedEdit

The unique ability that skeniks have developed, thanks largely in part to assumed mutations in their genetic makeup following the Great Whump increasing the simplicity of their biological build, is that they can reproduce with certain fauna of the Ava and retain most qualities of their breed.

Intelligence and ability may change, but general consciousness and traits remain consistent after reproducing a number of generations with a beast. It is therefore unresolved if this makes skeniks part of the shamed community of those mortals favoring bestiality or if that's just kind of their thing.


Societal structure is dictated by intelligence followed by strength. Those two things combined give an over all "value" in community, where a strong and intelligent specimen of the species is likely to lead. A member who is entirely strength, however, will no come to lead over a more frail individual who possesses superior intellect.

Known BreedablesEdit

Skenicks have been observed (eww) breeding with the following fauna,

Failed BreedingEdit

One recorded failed breeding attempt made by a skenik was with that of a Falchion. The result of the encounter was the skenik involved would never have the ability to practice breeding again.

Music TasteEdit

There taste in music, consistent enough for breed status, can most easily be described as scratching.