In an time on the history of the Avantsphere (a history poorly kept) there are many unknowns floating around above and under Ava's surface. The passage of events as well as the current happenings are not collectively traceable, but that hasn't stopped small pacts of "smart dudes" from making the attempt to make sense of the world around them. These brave, foolhardy researchers, documenters, and adventurers are called scribes.

A diverse number of projects is currently underway, as each scribe now penning furiously on any surface they can find wants to be the one known in newly created history as the first to __(fill in the blank)__. That possibility of immortality along with the pursuit of knowledge--findings that can be privately financed in a lucrative way--there are many robed figures stalking around the waste asking questions and making answers.

Collectively, scribes belong to a loosely collected brotherhood known as The Scriveners, not to be confused with The Screwdrivers, a kennel of bandits with a fascination for lethal penetration.

There is a distinct, self-defined difference between scribes and naturalists. Most prominently is the scribes dedication to recording information--which they feel is the most important act in creating a world's new-history, versus the naturalists that believe understanding the sphere and applying that understanding towards changing and adaptation of its creatures would move in the Sphere's best interest. There is considerable overlap in the work of either, which they will only with certain spite agree to in the name of greater knowledge.

List of ScribesEdit

Here are a current list of popular scribes in (most) common knowledge: