Snow? Nah. That's drugs. All drugs.

Rot, in simplest terms, is the most massive pile of poisoned land to stack itself towards the stars. It sits to the south of the Green Belt in all its stinking glory. Most try to avoid the mountainous mound of still radioactive leftovers piled up following the Great Whump, and even the mighty Peace Wind could scarcely clam the sprawl that reigns the towering junk peak. It considered by many to be the tallest point on the sphere, but those few who have climbed the rotting grotto often descend as husks of their former selves--if they return at all.

The outstanding thing about Rot, however, is not what can't live there. It's what does.

Some thrive in this place, either immue to the mind-twisting effects or the mutating radiation--or both--there are Champions of Rot, a term given to those who inhabit the mountain and succeed because of the repelling nature of their chosen environment. The inhsopitable landscape thick with contaminents left over from the old world has caused an increased speed of in mutation among the loathesome crag's inhabitants. The strange and the strong make Rot their home. The cliffs have a peculiar draw to those no able to function well in society, and at times it can be difficult to tell what is thoughtless sprawl and what instead may be those with queer mental disorders, or reverts who've returned to their animalistic origins.

Because of the deranged presence, most dudes tend to avoid that peak like the plague, probably because there are multiple plagues going around all things considered. But there are those who survive, and those who thrive, and others still who just want to know what one of the most mysterious places above ground may have, so the peak of Rot continues to attract onlookers.

Some notable figures on Rot include:

A common phrase among wastelanders comes in the form of a response when someone said something sick or crazy, "Did you just get off Rot?"

An example:

BANDIT A: "Hey man, let's see if you and me can beat the captain in a Dogfight and take the kennel. Also I put bees down my pants every 2nd moon."

BANDIT B: "What? No man, what're you crazy? Did you just get off Rot or something? Hell no that captain'll eat us."

BANDIT A: "Not if I eat him first."

BANDIT B: " . . . "