An old hag of fire, just before she freaks out and goes crazy on how tadpoles are people too.

The order of camp crones known as the old hags of fire are storytellers that make their scrill by passing out pretty lies and entangled falsehoods in a way that is still entertaining and engrosses the listener with the myths new and old from across the Ava.

They peddle their yarn of words around any kennel of bandits willing to listen and offer some spare chunks of salt meat.

They avoid the worst that mostly male-dominated groups have to offer by purposefully making themselves undesirable, crinkled crazies so their value falls only to their words. It is with this ability to dazzle with story that they make their way to continue living.

It is known they only pretend to be a secretive bunch, though their actions would indeed be confusing to see, if you didn't know that two old hags of fire were making up their 'secret handshake' on the spot. Their order is loosely linked by wearing red and keeping an appearance ranging between batty and insane. These eccentricities are looked upon favorably enough so that their bizarre ways have earned them a place in the waste.


They could still probably kick your sorry hide to one of the moons and back.