The New Homage was and is the sweeping campaign spearheaded by the great gatherer Goggles to reform a basic link of society and settlement founded on pricinpals of peace--"peace" being not-fighting for the things you want--which at the time was a concept that seemed difficult to fathom. Landmark among movements of its kind, New Homage was the first to fully integrate all humans and humanoids at an equal level, regardless of the prejudices that grew out of desperation of the times. The amalgamation of troops and settlers that followed Goggles would eventually settle their first large township, then known as New Homage too, though the names would change with time and the movement of settling peaceable cities itself is now what bears being called New Homage. The group made all attempts to avoid conflict, but came with swift justice for those who posed a threat to the group and refused a cooperative resolution. Even against its own members justice would be employed for breaking the basic observed tenets of the Be-Good Bylaws set originally by Goggles to attempt to quash any inside subterfuge.

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