(mid-mission selfie)

Nadyasonika is the premier infiltraitor in the Ava, notorious for her high rate of success almost as much as her no-loyalties playing style between clients. She now operates a small conglomerate of personally trained infiltration experts known as Sonika Inc that has become the chagrin of everyone wishing to keep a secret.

Her success comes from her time spent with silos, some say she may have even done as a stint as an Si-Mas, a silo operation's master, though the position is not one that is easy to leave. Her skills in tech new and old makes her a threat to any who are targeted for their secrets, as her abilities to fight and seduce are also top rank. Her ability to change appearances and disguise is flawless as well.

In a rare comment offered to am unknown scribe, when asked why she chose her line of work she responded with, "Because shadows flatter my figure."