I'm guessing there's more than just two mice in that heap.

High on a range of cliffs in The Stormies, recently the remains of a city inhabited by a number of mountain tribals was located on a particularly cut-off peak. The locals referred to this place as "Mice-Two-Meet-You". They continue to live in peace there, because not even the scrappiest of bandits want to make their way to the top of that towering rock just to swipe some pakka fur.


When the tribal settlers of this city from the Old World found cut stones on top of a mountain, their current chief of the time, Smakkum Gums ran up to have a look-see, and found to mice their staring back at him. Taking it as a sign, he decided the nomadic days of their people had come to and end and they would make this particular pile of rocks into a dumphome.

Current StateEdit

Further inquiry from the yodeling spelunkers who found the small bastion of civilization revealed that the native population is non-native, making them invasively native. The remains of city beneath their yurts are a continued mystery to the towns people who have come up with a variety of stories, most likely none of them true, pertaining to how square rocks rolled up the special mountain.


The mice on the peak, along with a small number of high-flying birds, roving goats, and pakkas also call the area their home. Despite the variance of species, tribal locals claim to often witness them communicating in an unspoken language. Smakkum Gums determined that they were trespassers, and that many animals greatly enjoyed looking at and perching on the funny square stones. However, the surrounding mammalia had come to an agreement to let the newly arrived dudes create their abode there as long as they could watch them as they lived. It is believed the fauna have allowed people to stay more for their own observation and amusement than any other purpose. For this reason, animals of the area often stare at the dudes going about their daily lives for long, almost uncomfortable stretches of time. Most have learned to shrug off the extra attention, but it still can be startling to have your willy whipped out and look up to see a perched hawk eying either head intently.

Tribals speak of some strange mysticism, as tribals often do, though no one cares enough to hike back up the moutain and test for truth.