Manhole is a city built up around a spawning pool known to be the center of digistruction where new dudes emerge after going through the process of reseal, something with functioning properties still beyond understanding.

Originally thought of as the source of sprawl, now the Manhole has become a dedicated city after passing through the hands of a number of conquerors who sought to enslave all resurrected dudes for their own purposes. Any solid single control over Manhole was broken during The Last Great Air War.

Now, with an independently functioning system of oversight, Manhole is a'flood with recruiters trying the old fashioned way of swelling dudes into their ranks. This is a haphazard process, as most dudes emerge in a near-loon like state without full motor skills and brain functions until some time on the surface of the Ava has passed.

Many have experimented with the pool from which the dudes float up from in stasis, presumably being reborn for death in a previous life, though the research has been inconclusive, with attempts to dive in leading to fatal results, as what seems like a thin, watery fluid becomes an encapsulating gel trapping any who go down before they can go up for air, sucking them further down until atmospheric pressures crushes them, and--ironically--they wait for respawn in the same place.

Every now and again, something crazy will crawl out from the whole. Occasionally non-dudes emerge, though the constant guard present at the whole immediately puts down anything that emerges already violent. Some dudes who have crawled out retained a major part of the memory from past lives without experiencing any physical triggers, and others can be seen having some mutation of the body as they emerge.

For the city itself, Manhole remains in uneasy peace with the help of a coalition set on the mission of every dude receiving a fair start in the new world. There is little they've been able to do to curve the solicitation around the rebirthing process, though the fanfare of food carts and spectacle circus have brought a reliable economic drive to the area.