Loot is the term used to describe a dude's personal belongings. Not something rented or on loan or being borrowed from a friend, but instead the actual item(s) which they own and have with them everyday. Must be inanimate (you can't own someone, no matter how much they may think it) and fauna & flora own themselves.

The important thing about loot is that, in time, some part of the owner becomes a part of it. The effect is minor, though seemingly supernatural. They know it well, can find it easily, can describe it with great accuracy.

When someone dies, their belongings might become someone else's loot. A part of the previous owner, however, will exist still within.

In the case of coming back through the Manhole as reseal, cases have been observed where--by coincidence (or not!) the previous owner finds the same loot. Many may make the claim of attachment to something, though it is more rare that in some previous incarnation the individual had an experience with the item being discussed, as the Ava is big and full of things. Every now and again though someone finds something they feel an inexplicable attachment to. In some, finding an item is a kind of subconscious destiny where the bond, for whatever reason, is stronger still.