Herein are a list of common spoken terms deemed new to the Avantsphere through the evolution, mutation, and misuse of common tongue language.


  • When one has reached and adult level, applicable to any species.

(This may vary depending on whether the dudehood is confirmed through a biological growth checkpoint or a rite of passage in a given society. Please consult your local scribe or town elder for further details.)

Rogue BirthEdit

Genetic mutations are common enough and transferred through viral rNA contained in parent chromosomes that combine with other possibly benign mutations of a partner to result in large-scale differences in in-species birth, possibly with a defect inhibiting life of the newborn or, more commonly as the term is used, passing on an aesthetic variation or physical benefit. Therefore, and infant who survives rogue birth without defect is said to be of rogue birth in a positive light.

The Blue AgeEdit

Also known as "Aoi-Jidai", it is the common belief to be the approaching doomsday.