One of the extended emissaries operating under the Brigand Brigades, the company known as the Lip Splitters is composed primarily of large, burly men and a small outfit of skinny, younger boys that they treat as steward. Joining is voluntarily, leaving is less so, making it likely to get hit with the black ball and not find a place in any other group among the Brigand Brigades.

The company makes a small claim to fame and fortune for staging arena fights of a gladiatorial nature, where in on archaic bludgeoning weapons are used (non-edged, no metal). Their warrior code believes in strength of the dude more than reliance on the weapon, which should be an extension of the strength of dudehood.

The current operating chief is Thagomizer, who is the only one allowed to be 'above-cudgel' and wields a spiked club with 10 nasty prongs, each the size of a gladius.

Attempts at besting in combat could change leadership, though Thagomizer will under kennel code be allowed to impose his own terms, which most definitely would involve him wielding the brutal mace while his opponent may only be allowed some twig.