The sprawl is a fact that Ava has come to terms with. With no end in sight, and not many forces in the Avantsphere fighting against it so much as they push back occasionally to keep it contained, clouds of chaotic butchery still darken spots all over the surface of the sphere.

Some conniving minds have found methods to do better than just confine the thoughtless violent energy perpetuated in the storm of mortal blood, they've capitalized on the unburdened potential to use it.

By sending scouting groups to find more isolated pockets, a round up system of vehicles, nets, and cages is used to capture the animal-like mortals and mutants alike to be brought in for "reconstitution of the mind" where they will be brainwashed and have their urges and thoughts chemically suppressed. Then, after a basic training regiment, they will be transformed into near mindless workers that require more than nourishment and shelter--if their new "employer" feels gracious enough to invest.

A former beast of the sprawl that has been mentally reconstituted is known as a washed sprawl. One yet to undergo such a procedure is known as unwashed sprawl.

Some will, in time, regain a sense of consciousness and resume a more standard pattern of thoughts, though it will be too late to reverse the situation and uprisings by the newly-enlightened are quickly quashed to keep the line.

New workers will be dispatched to a site to move, haul, and pull until the job is done (when they will be moved to the next site) or their bodies fail and become a food source for other reformed sprawl workers.

The phrase laborscum comes from the common slang used by whipping lords who command and order the masses.

To quote one such whipmaster, "They're dumber than beasts because they're lower than beasts. Even an idiot animal knows better than to get caught in a net, and even a dumb animal knows it won't gain nothing from doing what it's told. Better to put this kind of stupid to work so the meat on the bones don't go to waste with no purpose."