"Who farted?" "You idiot, that's the air!" -Workers

The unruly land known as Kava has taken the molten punch bowl left by the fist of a god and dispelled its name across the region (for the location of the same name, see Kava's Crater), and now the entire middle-hanging tectonic located under the green belt has come to be called by the same name. The land of Kava is now considered to be the mass of black salted dirt that is rich with minerals but poor in attitude, with a harsh mix of whipping lords and sprawl contending for dominance of the land. Mining operations based there are a major revenue generator, though no respectful businessman trying to make his peace outside the Kava will find many wanting to parley if his funding can be traced back to this blasted land.

For the profiteers with a shaky grasp of control on the region, forged through slick deal, bickering,a nd pain, there is no other place they would want to call home, and they live garishly in the ruins of buildings unearthed from the old world. Whether by assassination, uprising, or due to their own over-indulgences, the export kings of the mineral waste that rise in Kava never seem to last long if they try to stay. There is never a lack of other would-be self-made mineral men lined up to for their attempt to assert a claim. No one person has kept the title of mineral king to themselves long. Certain conglomerates of mutual interest who form a company manage to turn out a longer life expectancy at lower pay and pride, not without their fair share of issues about the place.

The whipping lord who fancies himself in charge first makes a base of old criminals, refurbished soldiers, and slaves drug in from the sprawl, the tangled mass of human instinct that stalks the land like a single beast. Some then push to widen their claim by exploding and creating new mining terrain or beating back the waves of sprawl in lesser sought areas.

All folks really know about Kava and Kava's Crater is that it is rich in two things: wealth & chaos.