Old and stuffy? Nope, rustic and stone-cozy!

The abandoned and now repopulated castle fort of Illokway (alt. spell Illoquay, alt. pron. "Ello-key" by region) is a lerg residence of the Old World found along the spine of mountains crossing The Stormies.


The property went through tumultuous times, having a long history of being fought over ever since the sprawl settled and made its way north finding ruins among the stone pillars of The Stormies. It has been held for many moons now by the Lumini Family of self-appointed nobility.

Current HouseholdEdit

The Lumini Family, headed by Dos Lumini now, enterains guests and conducts private meetings in this stone-top residence, creating new ties with merchant lords and seeking to renew old alliances broken long ago in The Last Great Air War in conquesto create a more stable power.

Name DebateEdit

The property's name is most commonly found written as "Illokway" with current reading and pronunciations, though the Lumini Family stakes that records in the house have it listed as "Illoquay" (pron., "ill-oh-key) marking it as a mostly intact estate from the old world. Their refusal to allow a scribe to enter the house and record the claim behind the documents has only furthered the debate. Most people, however, don't care a mouse's butt about it.