The Heroes Party is one of longest and oldest guild-gangs in all of the Avantsphere, and one of the most loosely tied. Different combinations of men and symbol have risen and fallen over the years since the sprawl receded enough for intelligible connections to form and progress, yet few have a legacy and long and well-decorated as the fighters in the Heroes Party. Today, the stand as a staunch and vigilant group whose proficiency in combat is rivaled only by their thrill-seeking, a bloodlust balanced with the need for a good laugh that has somehow bonded human and humanoids alike over more moon cycles than one cares to count.

Compatriots of the Heroes Party are known for their namesake--being renowned for prowess as superb fighter and their incessant party to celebrate themselves. Although oft dismissed as a narcissistic bunch, their exploits have and continued to fill the pages of historical texts.


The Heroes Party is one of the few maintained organizations that can make a strong claim their roots date all the way back to the original Peace Wind that brought some sectors of sprawl to a close. Little can be confirmed about the origin, but every member of their force will tell you a guiding principle behind their ideals comes from the thought, "There has to be more to life than living to die." Originating from a time where most life would end with unceremonious death, declaring a thought like this would have been revolutionary, and that held up over many years.

Basics adherence to the members necessitates living for at least one more reason than to die later, and to live for that ideal passionately, knowing that at anytime one's fate may come. Until that time, that exalted trait or strong belief should be celebrated, and it is with that in mind the ajoined members continue their party of heroes.

When sprawl began to calm, the starting newly aligned people ceased their killing only to live. Champion among them were the heroes who continued to fight for something more than themselves. From that original amalgamous inception, like-minded individuals bound together to protect their sworn oaths to something more than themselves and unite to celebrate the breakage from being guided only by chaos and the eventual fall to the grave.

One may adapt any number of different ideals to defend when joining the Heroes. Curiously, one of the most predominant of the first was laughter. Soon after the sprawl, but before men could think of one another as brothers, one thing that have more joy to living than death was something hilarious happening, and that manner of event couldn't be observed if you deceased before its time. So, "To see the next big blunder, and to release a great guffaw" was enough to make early conscripts to the ideology cease endless slaughter and band togehter to laugh as one. To this day many sellswords and man-at-arms come to join with this guiding principle, citing that "if you can't laugh then you might as well be dead." This is one of the primary reasons believed to be behind their fabled parties.


There is never a sign-up, presay, to joining the Heroes Party. Would be members who want a place in their ranks may come freely and follow the group's clusters trying to commit great deeds and promote their vowed oath to an ideal to earn their spot. It's not until an already proclaimed member (a current Hero) slaps the would-be member on the back and says "Now, that's what I call a Hero!" that one is premitted status as an active member of the group.

Name DebateEdit

Some claim the Heroes were never intended to be plural, citing and original nameless hero who threw the first party after a cease in the endless sprawl as a one time affair. Others still insist there was a man named Hiro or Heerow who threw the first party and many there after gave the club its namesake. As their ranks swelled and new followers sought to join, the vast number of them makes the group an undeniable Heroes Party today.