The foremost leader of the new surface level colonization in the many years of sprawl following the Great Whump and the great uniter of the first peace based settlement effort of New Homage the legendary tale of Goggles is heroic story passed down from year to year within the settlements that recognize Peace Wind as a day of rememberance.

Man & MythEdit

It is with surety that at some point during history a person known by the appelage appellation of "Goggles" did exist. Today, there is great variation however to the tales told in his regard--some even saying Goggle was a woman with short hair who nurtured the baby of peace back into the bosom of the world.

What can be said for certain is that during the time of neverending sprawl, one of the first peaceable townships founded was under the guidance of a young, bold figure who favored wearing a set of vintage motorcyle goggles that hey claimed gave him a greater sense of elevated vision allowing him to see into a peaceful future depsite the chaos that engulfed. He was said to never remove the accessory that stands as his namesake, even while sleeping. It is with this vision that he began to amass those struggling to find place and purpose. From this great effort came the New Homage mode of settlement that has spread widely throughout more tranquil regions of restored order.

Operating IdeologyEdit

Goggles collected scraps of humanity and human-like things he found stranded in the nooks and corners of Ava. It was with a stalwart resolution he believed that those extended peaceful frienship would respond in kind. One of the chief governing principles behind the effectiveness of this social revalation was a non-discriminatory position on evolution or mutation allowing those humans and humanoids adversely affected by Winter to join and contribute. As policy, Goggles saw that no one was rejected, and even urchin children and the sick were brought in to give what they could in return for support and peace.

While Goggle's gentleness is still bespoken commonly in legend, it was tempered with justice. After explaining the terms of joining with his then unnamed movement, it was made clear that any violation of a code of conduct, known now as the Be-Good Bylaws (abbreviated as the BGB or slanged as the Goodies). This gave a standard creed to which memebers of the traveling brigade will be held. Basic tenets concerned primarily with not doing wrong by others, meaning no tolerance for theft, assault, unsolicited advances, subversive plotting, and the strange necessity of owning or having immediate access to a watch or other timepiece. Different renderings of the story place this last observation with a certain inherent belief held by Goggles that time was important; he was often heard muttering "Never late again."

When a member was found to be in violation of the BGB, they would be summarily revoked from the group. The role of this early formation was progressive, but some found after joining that the basic tenets along with strict observances on potation and chemical abuse became too restricting, with some former subscribers losing interest and departing willingly or by force when too many small aggressions lead to their expulsion. This disenfranchised group of those rejected from the original brigade and the settlements of New Homage were usually not far behind Goggle's group, following after the safety that often came in the wake, and became seen as an unclean shadow cast by the ambitious efforts to be good. Many attempts to disperse their numbers came out unsccuessful, and to this day bitter detachments of former followers are known as the Sullen.

When enough strength and belief was amassed, Goggles settled the first establishment of the New Homage movement, of which many would follow. After seeing to the flagship town's well being, Goggles insisted on moving to continue to restore a lost pristine nature to the desolation that scarred the land.