Creatures of myth and also currently among us, the gaulym rise occasionally from the depths of time to pursue long-kept goals on Ava's surface.

Thought to be some manner of creature or creation from long ago, a few have discerned them to be a kind of embodied spirit of the past searching for something lost.

In this presumed search, however, the levels of destruction and havoc capable of being wrought by a single gaulym is catastrophic. Their abominable size and unstoppable power mean a wake of chaos follow their path, as they scar the face of Ava seeking an answer, or to right some past wrong.

Never has one of these lumbering, emotionless monstrosities been destroyed of even damaged. This is known, and leads to many tall tales regaled by old hags of fire foretelling doom when the gaulyms all return in strength as one.

Stories such as these come from the learnéd of the waste who fostered theories on their origins. One such mind, Bleardio Beardsman, puzzling in artifacts of the old world, believes at one time the gaulym were all as one, or at least acted as one, and that each has a particular pursuit leftover from the old world before the Great Whump that was upset sometime during the Long Cold.

Some gaulym are more docile than others, shying from contact with living things, and their destruction is usually limited to a few dingle dog casualties caused by running away blindly from advancing numbers.

Others are drawn to the fire of dudes and will not stop savaging the land until somehow their unknown goals are fulfilled.

It is not known at this time once the gaulyms return to the Undersphere, as one has never been observed there. Do they lie in wait for the next time their internal mechanism tell them it's time to take to the surface, or is there a function for them beneath the Sphere? You tell me!

Some of the known gaulym are listed below.



Fireye, doing his thing while everyone else just has to sit and watch.

Surfacing once every 212 cycles of the moons, and always in a different location, those unfortunate enough to be trapped in the area Fireye comes up will feel the heat.

It's goals are uncertain, but the rampage only ceases when all of the firstborn males in a city it assails are dead. Fireye then takes a harvest of the corpses and sweeps them deep beneath the Ava's crust.

Although most fiery destruction is catered to an image of a male perpetrator, it may be that Fireye is of the feminine persuasion, as it appears to wear high heels.



A mean left hook, though he doesn't mean it. Gaulwerk flies over the Ava presumably looking for something yet discovered.

Unique and among the gaulyms, Gaulwerk has the ability to fly, however against principles of aerodynamic he may appear. This is because of massive power boosters in his large feet and hands. When he surfaces, about once in every 14 cycles of the moons, he makes one complete rotation of the sphere, possibly scouring the land, though what the stone giant seeks remains to be confirmed. What is known is that when it sees something the piques his attention, the giant slams into the surface and incredible speeds with no regard for whatever might be there, sending a shockwave felt for many kiloms around. No form of communication or emotion has been observed as possible, and once a full flight around the sphere is complete he reenters the Ava's crust through one of the many ravines scarring the surface.

It is thought that Gaulwerk, more than other gaulyms, gives a hint of possible human innovation, as indicated by a body composed of multiple different metals and alloys, along with the shaping of large circular objects around the forearm and ankles. There is also the large metal placard across the torso holding the torso together despite a massive scar; this could be self-administered or it could be the work of ancient mortals lost to history.



Poor Sadly.

Most gaulym sightings are met with an immediate evacuation of the area in hopes of escaping the wrath of unknown reason.

For Sadly though, nothing could be more opposite. Also known as "the scaredy gaulym" or "the shy guy", Sadly sticks out among his gaulym brethren for two reasons: one, it tries to make a quick escape from the eyes of others despite his incredible size; and two, it never appears that Sadly returns to the Ava, leading many to assume it is tormented by the others of its kind and attempts to see solace on the surface.

Sadly is still capable of destruction, if it attempts to flee too quickly.

Children created the game "Catch Sadly" where one child pretends to be Sadly, and runs while other try to catch them. There is a special rule that, when you're Sadly, you must cry for the duration of your turn and cause as much property damage as possible. Parents hate this game.



And older image of Scrappy, as the monster of other people's trash turned to his treasure has grown the gaulym considerably.

A gaulym from before the Great Whump, a collector of all scrap things it can find. It hunts memories in items, and has swollen to massive proportions as it clings new items its found to expand its lumbering body. It is documented by the scribes that it will not take a held item, or one that has been recently used and put down, but only those that would fit the somewhat varying category of abandoned.

This is another gaulym that is not outwardly dangerous and does not seek to harm others. However, it may cause bodily injury with its giant limbs to repel anyone trying to take an item from its body. Once Scrappy has something, it binds to Scrappy's being.

Scrappy surfaces and returns below the Ava by whim.

Scribes, researchers, and treasure seekers have all had a go at trying to pry something off Scrappy--which is possible, though dangerous. Their hope is finding something ol' Scrappy picked up from the old world, and that it may be worth a penny for its rarity, or even possible power.