A falchion falconer is a highly skilled avian master who has successfully captured, raised, and trained a falchion to loyally respond to commands. The bird is a metal monster of feathers and blades that can be deadly when commanded forward. The bird and its trainer are often sought by large companies of mercenaries or bandits as a show of wealth and strength. Any group with a falchion falconer amongst them is not to be taken lightly.

There have been a notable number of falconers in time, but the only one to become a legend was Thallos and his bird of prey O'Steel. A man-made-falconer early on, he happened across a newborn falchion--a very uncommon event, as it would have to mean both parents were incapacitated or deceased, in which case a neighboring nesting pair would hear the young hawk's cry and come to bring it to their own nest to raise. Legend goes Thallos heard it first, and the plaintive cries ceased as soon as he cupped it in his hands. Thallos from then on dedicated his life to raising the bird back from the brink of sickness having found it in a sorry state. The bird grew and imprinted on Thallos who felt a bond of fate to the bird.

In time, they became known as an unstoppable fighting duo called Thallo'steel and you can read more on their legendary story by following the named link.