Crackerhut, Better-Than-Dirt, Wooden Mosquito Net, Bird Cage--call it what you want, my dumphome is home!

A "dumphome" also called a "dumper", a "craphouse", or a "shitshack" are shoddy, quickly set-up residences used by half-nomads--people whom wander for a time and get tired of it, setting up temporary communities that soon fall apart leading them to move on once more.

Coloquially, residing in one of this constructs of metals, woods, stone, and/or dirtspit is known as "Living in the dumps."

Legendary DumphomeEdit

There is a bandit's stowaway known as Chino's Shed that has a reputation for being impossible to find and concealing some of the waste's deadliest solo raiders. Only one may occupy it at a time, because it's well-hidden but very cramped.