A run-of-the-silo dingle dog about to go screw with something nasty.

Dingle dogs are the bane of the waste. They do maintain an important role as the recyclers of nature, able to eat anything that dies on the surface of Ava; they are even rumored to be able to consume the wings of falchions.

Not only scavengers, they roam in packs of up to 80 members and are capable hunters with a complex hierarchical society more complex than some bandit kennels.

Dingle dogs are constant enemies to bandits and brigands who have to set up specific night watches to keep them out in densely dog populated areas.

At the same time there is a degree of respect between the two species of dudes and dog, as they basically occupy the same rung in their respective societies--kill and feast on the weak, mess as much as you can with those stronger than you without getting your butt bit.
For this reason, a number of small clans have taken dingle dogs as their symbol.

They can be found on any tectonic through the waste.


Within the ranks of the pack, known naturalist Rokks in the Bush has made the following observations:

  • Females are the pack leaders, being up to three times the size of male dingles.
  • An inner circle of chieftains handles orders from the matriarch and services reproduction needs
  • For males, size matters, but only so much as it makes you the better fighter. If a small dingle dog appears to occupy a more opulent position in the pack, he may be the fiercest fighter they have
  • Pups are cared for viciously. Any stray or orphaned pups will be brought in and raised for the pack.
    • If the one pack at war with another can steal their young in a brawl, they'll raise it as their own to boost their numbers and lower the morale of those dingles encroaching on their territory.
    • This also makes for difficult domestication, as an attempt getting a pup from its pack usually result in a quick death without the right preparations.
  • Every 40 cycles of the moons, all packs put off their territory and gather in one place. This appears to be a ritual so that each pack may show of their size acquired while observing the numbers of rival packs. Feuds for lands begin once more after each pack returns to their territory.
  • Dingle dogs are one of the few animals outside of mortals who have established graveyard sites.


Dingle dogs are known to grow domestic if raised from pups or if particularly intelligent dogs realize the benefit to be gained in aligning with humans. They may form strong relationships with one or two members of the group, and are particularly drawn to females. As long as the animal deems it to be more favorable to be a part of the dudes' pack they will stick around and act as an active member in hunts and raids. The preferred food of a domesticated dingle dog is dried or preserved meat jerky--especially that of the dingle dog variety, a taste developed seemingly as a show of switched sides.