They look ever nobler than their owners like this.

Dakura are fauna of strength and resilience tamed and bred into service of dudes to make way across the wastes (pl. dakura, collectively a 'caravan').

Their disposition is a mix of lazy and agreeable, one owing to the other, and they have been bred in capitivity long enough to develop a familiarity with dudes but a fear of similarly more bestial breeds like skeniks.

Owning many is a sign of power and wealth, assuming you move around. Even if you don't, the potential of moving shows that sign of accumulated assets.

For that reason, there is a lot of dakura breeding. However, dakura are notably selectable about their partners, and once they have chosen one, they may not allow a copulation with another to take place thereafter.


So fabulous.

It is not only the number of Dakura that matter. At first, many collected dakura by volume, though their caravan's overall power was weak. In attempt to showcase virility and strength, many cities, brigand companies, and wealthers alike will decorate and adorn the biggest and strongest in their groups to demonstrate their bravado.

Although frowned upon in pockets of civil civilization (hence the 'civil'-ization) dakura fights are considered an unnecessary waste of resources, though some continue the practice to show power and also to display how the chance of losing a dakura or two from their caravan will not impact their overall finances.


Now we're getting somewhere!

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