"I might not live to see the day, but I know it'll taste good with Butter Garlic Spread." -a chef soldier

Left over from the old world, this massive semi-amphibious behemoth is known as the crawdledaunt.

Mostly dormant and a big fan of being left the hell alone, it sometimes becomes disturbed from Ava's sub-dermal activity, such as a powerful shift in the tectonics or the ripping open of a deepsea fireshaft. In the case this happens (estimated once in around thirteen cycles of moon) all you can do is hope and pray it doesn't show up angry on the shores of your fair city's port.

There is thought to be only one crawdledaunt in existence, with stories of the same scars apparent in multiple crawdledaunt sightings. What lies deep below the Ava is still mostly a mystery, and whether it is the only of its kind, or just the only member of a pod with the habit of crossing to the surface, it cannot be said for certain. This big guy does have his moments of seemingly awkwardly uncoordinated, making it possibly a misfit from a larger group or possibly brain damaged, left over and still surviving from the old world.

Dpesite multple attempts, the crawdledaunt has ascended into the ranks of beast on the Ava known as The Unkillables, along with a host of other rag-tag city destroyers advised to be avoided until they passed instead of engaged.

The most peculiar observed aspect of the crawdledaunt on record is a passive acceptance of some common dudes it may come across, while exhibiting rampant bloodlust to end the life of others. Theories suggest it once had a 'girlfriend', a kind of siren crawdledaunt whisperer that it lost some time ago, and the genetics in occasionally living beings may match the hormone level of this supposed lost love, most likely a ritualistic sacrifice from an ancient village that got off really lucky. Though, it is just a theory.

Although it is a beast of peerless prowess with a bloodlust against many of the living, crawdledaunt plush and wooden toys are remarkably popular with children.