A corvus is a large black bird of remarkable intelligence. Corvi feed mostly on carrion around the waste and can eat almost anything. They are numerous throughout the Avantsphere and most consider them an unstoppable nuisance.

There is a legend around the fall Apotheosis, one of the first primitive great cities to be founded after the settling of the sprawl. It is said that the original populations of corvi waited until the city killed itself in a battle for power, then feasted on the dead bodies, which then led to their numbers swelling and distributing throughout the wastes.

A flock of the common corvus is known as a homicide.


Crovi grow up to a dude's knee in height and have a wingspan of over half a dude's height. They are black, dark grey, and regular grey. Rumors of seeing a white corvus have yet to be proven founded, and are usually attributed to intoxication/sun glare. The most prominent features are wings, beak, and talon claws in that order. Feathers are occasionally used by tribals, made into headgear and danced in to honor the dead.

A single avian will not have striking power above killing small rodent-insignificants, but in a gathered homicide possess enough flocked force to end the life of a dude straggling the waste.

Corvi are intelligent and can be made to mimic dude-talk for most mono-syllabic words.


Corvus, like many avian species, are smarter than any flock animal has the right to be, and can be trained. If raised from birth and kept from communications with other crovi during the developing juvenile period , they will be loyal to their owners and can follow simple commands. And well-trained corvus can understand about twenty commands before it stops caring enough to learn more.

Because they have a limited ability to mimic dude-talk, a particularly obedient corvus is capable of repeating a vocabulary of up to 100 words, though it may choose to do so at random.

On FlightEdit

For more on the control of flocks and avian flight patterns, see a Note on Avians for further reading.