Chino's Shed is a fabled dumphome shed in the crags to the South, used by famous solo bandits along the western ridge of Ro'Ro ravine. It goes like an old golden ohbocho's tale of a shed made of countless silk drapes khaki in color that blend into the sand and can be moved silently from one place to another to prevent the bandit brigade from being found out, to be passed down from chieftan to brigand only to be stolen by whomever shall succeed in raiding in the region. If it does exist, it's thought to be in the possession of Number 13, though her storming precision raids have quieted as of late.

As the tale goes on to tell, for those who know it, the material making up Chino's Shed came from the garments worn by a dark-skinned whore as she was being taken.

A Dark LegendEdit

The man who paid her had caught a hogboar, and aimed to cook its meat in the ground using a subterranean firepit. A local nomad's cluster nearby fenced one of their daughters for a number of seeds the raider had with him, deeming it better for the greater good of the clan. That raider, who's identity and deeds are unknown, thought to have his pleasure with his new purchase of flesh upon the mound until the girl was seared by the embers beneath the dirt, the radier believing that would be sign enough the hogboar's meat was well cooked.

From there the story has different tellings, saying it was the whore's discarded clothes that turned into the twill patterned fabric that composed the shed, others more macabre may say it was the whore's dead skin, burned off her body on the sand as her patron refused to stop while taking her upon his ember-filled mound until she perished, now infused with a reluctant power to be used by merciless wasters.

Current ResidentEdit

Past ResidentsEdit

  • Guffaw, the raider who laughed as he slaughtered.
  • Mr. Miracle, a bounty-hunter eventually proven to have been staking his own bounty claims as an excuse to kill.
  • Leeman an escaped slaver from Kava said to have given into maddness and eventually become a revert back to sprawl.
  • Pee Pie a sadist accused of collecting the nipples of his victims and stringing the rotting flesh across his shrunkstone armor.