A bandit who is known for giving great massages or crippling death vice grips, with seemingly little care for which it may be.

His strength is undeniable. After traveling with a kennel for a while, he'll invariably body massage someone to death and kicked out.

He speaks little of dudespeak, the common tongue, but understands it well enough.

If told to do something, there is a good chance (85~90%) he will process the information and complete the task, though their is also an antithetical failure chance where he'll ignore the orders completely and just hug someone to death.

Attempts on his life for such infraction have yet to yield successful results, and tend to end with the assailant's ribs poking out his back and many things dislocated.

His renown makes membership into different clans appealing, so he continues to find work, but it never lasts, restoring him back to wandering status. He does part-time work as a masseuse or assassin depending on how he feels. His widespread range of travel has lead him all over the Ava, resulting in furthering his fame as a healer and infamy and an uncontrollable monster.

He's a free agent now.