Known commonly by its slang-adapted name of the Goodies or its acronym of BGB, the Be-Good Bylaws were a list of simple tenets of personal governance adopted by the legendary peace settler Goggles that became a mandatory code for all members of the New Homage movement.

Goggles nor any number of trusted in-members ever sat down to set the Be-Good Bylaws into motion, they were instead adapted over time as a kind of operating necessity. Born of a peaceful premiss, Goggles, the vintage motocrycle visionary, was also not blind to reality. Many violent tribes and brigands that roamed their own turf across blasted lands and not all, if any, could be dealt with entirely peaceably. It was agreed that in their own camps those participating in what would come to be known as the New Homage movement of settlements would not violate a code of conduct agreed upon by unspoken common consensus for the greater good--a concept long thought gone with the world of old. Cited as the first of its kind on Ava after the previous world's downfall, the BGB sought to give basic structure to a society which required it inherently to function peacefully.


  • No Stealing Things
  • No Hurting People
  • No Unwanted Solicitation
  • No Plotting Bad-Doings
  • You Must Have Access to A Working Timepiece

Many different reasons have been postulated as to why time keeping devices were held in such great importance. It could be a matter of coordination or attaining a sense of place in the greater timeline. It has been suggested that this particular tenet was the one most insisted up by Goggles.

Disenfranchised FollowersEdit

Those who were found in violation of the tenets by Goggles or his later established council court would be immediately and without further action demanded to leave, either under their own power or by force, where they would be no longer affiliated with the movement or its townships, barred from entry or trade. The members would take no violent action against those rejected from their group, and many followed the moving brigade as a kind of distant shadow of the group, squatting in the general safety that followed in the wake of the movement's path. These disenfranchised followers became known as the Sullen.


The "Goodies" are a subset slang phrase used to refer to those who think or are made out to look like they believe only in peace, but in a sarcastic way. With this implication, the phrase can turn into a backhanded insult where the person being referred to as a "Goodie" is being targeted as too passive to act where one would believe violence an appropriate response. Because of the strict tenets against hurting another member within the New Homage group, fights happen with rarely more than words. An attempt to push someone into acting rashly might be made with a comment like "What are ya? Some kind of goodie?" to try and shame the person into acting out. Rarely would followers refer to themselves as Goodies, and as such this is usually to be taken in a negative light.

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