It's all about that beard!

Bammy Beardsman, born Bamfeld Beardsman, or as he became known in later life, Bammy "Birdman" Beardsman (triple BBB to his closer friends in old age), was father to Buckshot Beardsman, the esteemed naturalist, and grandfather to Bleardio Beardsman, a man alive and pursuing the secrets of the old world lost in the Ava's crust. He was the son of Bismark Beardsman, though no one can be quite sure of his predecessors contributions, because no one was there to write them down.

Although not the most sane of the Beardsmans, Bammy is credited for starting Roughshot Publishing and greatly increasing the literacy of the Ava in early days following the settling of the Sprawl.

He was known to frequent rooftops in his golden years, insisting in a loud voice to all who could hear that he was an invisible bird.