The world as we know it, known more commonly by its colloquial shorthand Ava. Still reconciling the old world.

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The infamous Kava region of the tectonics. Infamous for being dusty, awful, and profitable.

Wastelanders of Fame & InfamyEdit


The late Buckshot Beardsman was the father of current Beardsman household head, Bleardio Beardsman. In the Beardsman family, you're only as good a man as your beard is long. You can then tell, of men, Buckshot must have been a pretty good one.






TECTONICS - Populated areas across the Avantsphere's fractured surface. Many are separated by large ravines.

When the Old World broke and shattered, many mysteries of what came before fell into the cracks or got flung into space. Find out more about the current layout of the Avantsphere and its plated structure by clicking here.


Strains and forms of mortal across the waste:

  • Dudes, common mortal being, thought to be the origin. Squishy but clever.
  • Skeniks, a quickly evolving mix-pool of beast and dude, bred with harshness of the land (they also "love" animals).
  • Shikes, these awful, lazy, land-stealing curses to common decency are still alive, and hated by all credited scribes.
  • Twibbers, considered a mutated "sub-race" they claim to be reincarnated lives from the Old World.

Brigand CompaniesEdit

Brigands are larger clans, bigger than kennels, that number over 100 active members.


The Jetsetters are famed, unsurprisingly, for stumbling upon and reworking Old World jetterpacks.

Notable kennels of bandits and highwaymen assembled into large factions or small raiding bands. As deadly as they are crazy, and they are very crazy.

Famous Bandits to find some notable examples of stand-out outlaws, see Some Bandits of Some Note

For further reading on the ways of rogue life on the Ava, please reference What Is A Bandit?

Fauna & FloraEdit


Massive Monsters and Big BeastsEdit


Chromodoris is a giant, marauding beast and cult leader. He is also loved by children for his bright colors.

(For more pioneers of old world destruction and new world surival, please see The Unkillables for a list of unofficial, seemingly immortal life)

Living things, unbred and wild.

  • Ohbocho, a large flightless bird rumored to have a golden ohbocho among its numbers
  • Falchion, known as the scissor hawk
  • Corvus, a large black carrion bird of remarkable intelligence (pl. corvi)
  • Dingle dogs, scavenger hunters known for intelligent grouping
  • Bulo, dense pack animals used for shipping and meals (pl. buloes)
  • Skaldron, a large sand-skimmer made of blades and bloodlust
  • red paca, the red-winged gabber-mouths of the green canopy (pl. pacas)
  • sawna boids from the eastern Ava, they live only in hot ponds (pl. sawna boidses)
  • dakura, transport specialists and symbols of affluence


  • prickle pear, An easy meal, if you can get past the spikes. Festive and sweet.
  • mud blossoms, small blue flowers with psycho-toxins that ope when exposed to moonlight.
  • krips, a subterranean vine fungus that grows expansively and makes greening impossible.
  • heatbloom, small flowers that in abundance can produce flame when exposed to rainbow water.
  • fungs, super-massive mushrump-like structures that can house entire villages.
  • snapping seeds, aggressive seeds of the snapvine, that burrow into organic matter to sprout.

For a full list of different plants, vines, and other things green in color, please see the full list of flora.



Crashed hull stands like a gravestone and reminder of when the skies lit a'fire in The Last Great Air War.

Things which what happened.

There is yet to be a reliable method of chronology universally developed and accepted enough to record history. But these things definitely happened. Maybe.

Strange LocalesEdit


What would appear to be an unassuming structure lost to time standing in the middle of noplace may very well be a silo like the one first found on accident by Cheversly.

Places that make the common dude go "Oh, dang."

  • Goo, a strange substance occasionally oozing from the ground
  • Went Water, a wide pool of yellow muck
  • Ro'Ro Ravine, the deepest of cracks in the Avantsphere
  • Chino's Shed, a famous bandit hideout
  • D'Scarr, the deepester of cracks on the Ava
  • Silo LX-59, the first operating silo
  • Apotheosis, an ancient city of carrion
  • The waste, basically the whole of the Ava with the possible exception of the Green Belt
  • The poison mountain of Rot
  • Mice-Two-Meet-You, the small tribal settlement with unsettling animals aplenty high in the Stormies
  • Manhole, the maekshift city around the rebirthing pits of dudes who've gone through reseal make their way back up to the surface following death

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