A long and illustrious history in a number of right-doing organizations throughout the waste has led to Arthur "Pharis" Ridcully occupying a place of myth in the totems of time. A man among men and adventurer extraordinaire, Ridcully's diehard attitude is without peerage, shrugging off much of the cynicism that has become commonplace after the Great Whump. Under the current moon, he'll be nearing his 600th cycle, yet remains active in numerous organizations, and is currently traveling alongside the somewhat eccentric kennel from one of his first major outings, The Big Scientists, with Maynard Waiseygoose and Dan Sunder.

His skills include piloting sentient aircraft, spelunking down elevator shaft, and never missing when it counts. For reasons beyond the understanding of most, he just can't be killed, with talk he might as well be included on The Unkillables list.

Peppy, straightforward, capable, yet always short on supplies, many wayward adventurers owe their life to this hero of the waste.


  • "I'll open that door!"
  • "It's not over yet, I've still got a grenade."